Conservation Cat Chats

Karma & Wendy Brewer Lama

October 14, 2021
Ecotourism: “Supporting wildlife and cultural conservation
while bringing socio-economic benefits to local communities.” 

Featuring Karma & Wendy Brewer Lama, owners of KarmaQuest Adventure Travel

Anil Adhikari

September 15, 2021
Snow Leopard Conservation: Working with Local Communities in Nepal

Featuring conservationist and writer Anil Adhikari from Nepal, editor of Snow Leopard Magazine

Tashi R. Ghale

August 30, 2021
Wildlife Photography & Conservation

Featuring conservationist, photographer, and entrepeneur Tashi R. Ghale from Nepal, contributor to the book Searching for the Snow Leopard.

Ghulam Mohammad

August 25, 2021
Giving Communities a Voice: an Anthropological Persective of Conservation

Featuring Ghulam Mohammad, BWCDO Director, and Dr. Shafqat Hussain, professor of anthropology and founder (Project Snow Leopard) and board chair of the BWCDO.

Jak Wonderly

July 9, 2021
Exploring the World of Wildlife Photography

Featuring Jak Wonderly, contributor to Searching for the Snow Leopard

Margaret Gee

June 24, 2021
A Conversation with the Conservancy’s Australian Ambassador

Featuring Margaret Gee, our literary agent for Searching for the Snow Leopard

Susan Leibik

June 9, 2021
Snow Leopards; What Draws Us To Them and How They Inspire Us

Featuring artist & writer Susan Leibik, contributor to Searching for the Snow Leopard

Vikram Singh

May 20, 2021
Wildlife Photo Trekking, Ecotourim, & Snow Leopard Conservation

Featuring Vikram Singh, owner of Wild World India

Suraj Upadhaya

Earth Day April 2021
Snow Leopards & Conservation Education

Featuring Dr. Suraj Upadhaya