Champions for Snow Leopards


Dylan from Sydney, Australia, is a young snow leopard champion and wildlife warrior, who dreams one day of trekking into a remote wilderness area to see a snow leopard. He is spreading the word about the “Searching For The Snow Leopard” book and gave a special presentation on snow leopards for his classmates. Dylan is part of the next generation who will work hard to passionately protect these beautiful big cats in snowy lands.

Somewhere faraway in a beautiful part of the Himalays or another prime snow leopard habitat, there is a magnificent snow leopard which cosmically feels gratitude and happiness to hear this terrific heart-warming news from Dylan in Australia!

Kyle Trefny

At the time this video was taken, 14-year-old Kyle Trefny had started a club at his school to raise awareness and funding for snow leopards. He also created a line of snow leopard greeting cards, PawArtWorks, and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Snow Leopard Conservancy to help save these beautiful cats. In this video, he eloquently describes how he came to be such a passionate conservationist!

Kyle continues today to support snow leopards through his beautiful artwork and the through the sale of his cards. You can see his cards in our Online Store.

Elena Kolotusha

Elena Kolotusha

Snow Baby

Artist – Elena Kolotusha

Medium: Scratchboard engraving, inks

This beautiful drawing won Second Place in the Traditional Artwork Adult 18 & Over category of the“Searching for the Snow Leopard” Artwork & Literary Works Contest.

Through her artwork, Elena is making a difference for wildlife, creating awareness by demonstrating their beauty and mystery. 

Casey Morgan

Casey Morgan is the artist who created this beautiful pastel of a snow leopard. With the money she received from its sale, she symbolically adopted a snow leopard through the Conservancy. Through her artwork, Casey is helping to make a difference for snow leopards in the wild.

Hanna Dribinski

For her 8th birthday, Hanna Dribinski held a Virtual Birthday Fundraiser on behalf of the Snow Leopard Conservancy. She and her parents designed a “Save the Snow Leopards t-shirt and donated the proceeds from the sales of the shirts to the Conservancy in supports of its programs.

Her mom tells us that Hanna’s favorite wild cat is the snow leopard and that she has wanted to help wildlife since she was very young, staying true to that mission with each passing year.