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Back Cover Photo by Tashi R. Ghale

The stories and images found within the pages of “Searching for the Snow Leopard” are from the conservationists and photographers who have traveled to the high mountains of Asia to study and photograph the snow leopard. They are a recreation of their personal experiences. Interwoven with their stories are the knowledge they have gained through painstaking observation and their reflections on what it will take to save this iconic species.

Accompany them as they learn firsthand about the life of the snow leopard; experience what it is like to search for one against a background of rock and snow; and explore the intangible connection between humans and this sacred cat.


A stunning visual and personal journey in search of the iconic big cat, the snow leopard.

The snow leopard, known as the ghost of the mountains, is an elusive predator that has captured the human imagination for eons. Yet, by nature secretive, living at altitudes of up to 19,000 feet in one of the world’s harshest climates, it is notoriously difficult to see. Those lucky enough to encounter one speak of the experience as momentous, transformative, even spiritual. In this handsomely illustrated, eloquent book, published in partnership with the Snow Leopard Conservancy, world-renowned wildlife photographers, naturalists, and conservationists take the reader closer than most humans will ever get to knowing snow leopards and understanding why these beautiful big cats have for so long been considered the most mysterious of all.

More than 130 breathtaking photographs—all taken in the wild, and none with camera traps—accompany personal narratives and anecdotes that convey the experience of learning to see; the patient pursuit, following the tracks and other sign for a momentary glimpse; an unexpected encounter; watching the predator hunt; a magical moment with a mother and her cubs. A special “seek and find” section challenges readers to spot the snow leopard—to discern camouflage from rock and snow. The text also relates the natural history of the snow leopard, its cultural significance and place in lore, its interactions with local peoples, and information about its conservation.

Proceeds from the sales of Searching for the Snow Leopard support the Snow Leopard Conservancy and its programs.


Shavaun Mara Kidd is the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s Outreach Manger, speaking to a variety of audiences about the snow leopard and the conservation of this iconic speices. She also maintains the Conservancy’s presence on social media platforms and is responsible for the online newsletter publication and for maintaining the Conservancy’s website.

Björn Person is an internationally renowned photographer who, apart from seeking spectacular images of this planet’s beautiful wildlife, is committed to documenting and raising awareness about threatened species. He has used his camera as a weapon against wildlife poaching and is a sponsor of wildlife conservation.

Rodney Jackson, Director of the Snow Leopard Conservancy, is widely considered the leading world expert on the snow leopard, having devoted more than thirty years to researching and conserving this elusive cat in South and Central Asia. Upon receiving the 1981 Rolex Award for Enterprise, Jackson launched a four-year, pioneering radio-tracking study of snow leopards in the Nepalese Himalaya that led to a June 1986 cover story in National Geographic. He was a finalist for the Indianapolis Prize in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016, and 2018. Today, he mentors a new generation of conservationists and continues to work with the local people.

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Great look into the secret lives of snow leopards and our relationships with them

An informative and descriptive book that’s full of good quality photos of snow leopards and their surroundings. Was quite readable and I’ll probably have this lying around on the coffee table. I like how the book related both through a telling of several personal journeys to find the snow leopard while also mixing in facts that detail their plight in the modern world. I would recommend this for nature fans of all ages and even for those who aren’t as this book is a great first step towards appreciating the outside world.

Amazon Review – October 2020

Stunning pictures

I highly recommend this book! The photographs are EXQUISITE! This is now my favourite coffee table book.

Amazon Review – November 2020

Amazing Book – 

Loved it.

Amazon Review – December 2020

Beautifully published book

A beautifully published book full of amazing photos of Snow Leopards and of stunning scenery that these mythical creatures reside in. Sits in a place of pride on our coffee table.

Amazon Review – January 2021


The quality of the photos and the message they convey, together with the description of the experience that being able to photograph the snow leopard has meant for the authors, makes you move to that place on each page you read.

Amazon Review – January 2021

Beautiful Book –

Beautiful! I really enjoyed reading about the experiences of these lucky people involved in Snow Leopard Conservation!

Amazon Review – July 2021

Snow Leopard – 

A beautiful book about a beautiful animal. Glad to have it!

Amazon Review July 2021

Snow Leopard Book – 

Excellent book on snow leopards. Good photos. Highly recommend. One of the better books on snow leopards.

Amazon Review – September 2021


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