Ensuring snow leopard survival and conserving mountain landscapes by expanding environmental awareness and sharing innovative practices through community stewardship and partnerships.

  • Welcome to the Newest Member of the Conservancy Staff

    Kathy Ah San is the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s new Admin Manager. She joined the staff in March of 2019. Kathy has studied biology, business, and teaching. Over the course of a long work life, she has worked in a wide range of occupations, including research, teaching, and accounting. Kathy is happy to be a part more »

  • Earth Day 2019 – Protect Our Species

    The theme of this year’s Earth Day is Protect Our Species. At present, we are experiencing an alarmingly increased rate of extinction of the planet’s species. This is being driven by human activity such as disruption and loss of habitat due to mining, logging, and the creation of dams, roads, and walls, increased use of more »

  • Celebrating the Spirit of Snow Leopards with the Land of the Snow Leopard Network

    The Snow Leopard Conservancy facilitates a broad-reaching program, Land of the Snow Leopard Network (LOSL). On February 2, we held an event, Celebrating the Spirit of Snow Leopards. Three of our LOSL members, Maria Azhunova, Alexander Khamaganov, and Rinchin Garmaev, traveled to San Francisco from the Southern Siberian Buryat Republic. Snow leopards are a totem animal more »