A Nature Quest and Thimphu Tsechu Festival Tour in Bhutan

KarmaQuest invites you on a trip to Bhutan to benefit snow leopard conservation, and perhaps catch a glimpse of other elusive Himalayan wildlife that contribute to Bhutan’s standing as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

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A Mountain Festival Trek for Snow Leopard Conservation – In Search of Snow Leopards in Bhutan

This ten-day Jomolhari Base Camp/Bhonte La loop trek set against stunning Himalayan scenery coincides with the third annual Jomolhari Mountain and Snow Leopard Festival held in the best snow leopard habitat in Bhutan. If you are going to see a snow leopard in Bhutan, it is likely to be here.

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Wintertime Quest for the Snow Leopard in Ladakh, India

KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel is proud to collaborate with the Snow Leopard Conservancy on this special winter snow leopard tracking trip to Ladakh, India.

The snow leopard’s winter mating season offers the best chance of seeing this elusive creature in the wild. Trip members will join the SLC-India Trust staff on their watch for the snow leopard as it descends from the snowy mountaintops in search of food or a mate.

Wintertime Quest clients have seen a snow leopard on every trip since we began in 2005!

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