Adopt a Snow Leopard

  (photo: SLC/NTNC-ACAP)

One of the easiest ways you can help save wild snow leopards is by adopting one!

Two Ways To Adopt!

– A Traditional Adoption Packet includes:

  •  a plush snow leopard

  • a picture of a wild snow leopard

  • an official snow leopard adoption certificate

  • a snow leopard fact sheet and frequently asked questions

  • children’s activity sheets

  • a Snow Leopard Conservancy decal

Adult $50.00 — Cub $50.00 — Mother with Cub $100.00

Shipping within the US $6.00 — International shipping $25.00

– An Electronic Adoption Packet includes all the above except the plush snow leopard.

Adult $45.00 — Cub $45.00 – Mother with Cub $90.00

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