Cat Chat with Tashi R. Ghale – Wildlife Photography & Conservation

For this edition of Conservation Cat Chats, we speak with conservationist, photographer, and entrepenur Tashi R. Ghale from Nepal. For many years, Tashi’s photographs have graced the pages of the Conservancy’s publications and social media accounts. Considered an expert in camera trap photography, Tashi has monitored snow leopards and other wildlife for several conservation NGOs. And he was the first to document camera-trap evidence of Pallas’s cats in Manang. Tashi has also provided instruction in the use of trail cameras for the Snow Leopard Scouts of Nepal.

“For his contribution to snow leopard research and conservation through local conservation initiatives and camera trap monitoring, he was awarded the Disney Conservation Hero Award in 2018. He was also awarded the “Abraham Conservation Award 2016” by WWF Nepal for his remarkable contribution in snow leopard and other high-altitude wildlife documentation and conservation in the Himalayas in Nepal.” (Business 360)

Tashi was one of the contributors to the book “Searching for the Snow Leopard.” During the chat, he describes what it is like to photograph snow leopards in Nepal, only a few hours on foot from his home. Tashi’s snow leopard images are amazing, and during the chat, we learn how he is able to get slow close and spend so much time with this elusive cat of the high mountains of Asia.