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Test your Snow Leopard knowledge

Where do you find Snow Leopards?


Photo by Tashi Ghale

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What adaptations do Snow Leopards have that help them survive in their high mountain environment?


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What color is the Snow Leopard's fur?


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What do Snow Leopards eat?


Photo courtesy of Photo by Tsagaan Shuvuut/Irbis Mongolia

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Is the Snow Leopard able to roar?


Photo by Steve Tracy

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What sounds do Snow Leopards make?


Photo courtesy of Peter Bolliger

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Which big cat is larger than the Snow Leopard?


Photo by Ghulam Mohammad/BWCDO

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What are the threats Snow Leopards face?


Photo by Tashi Ghale

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Snow Leopard Champions

Elena Kolotusha

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You can also Check Out the Media Gallery to discover more Snow Leopard Champions from around the world!

Eileen Caputo teaches 4th graders in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Her class worked with the organization Reach the World, which connects classrooms to travelers around the world who are doing special work. They were matched with snow leopard researcher and SLC Associate Charlotte Hacker who was studying snow leopards in China. Through meetings held via the internet and articles she wrote to the class, they developed an interest in and desire to help snow leopards.

Caputo and her class reached out to the Conservancy and Outreach Manager Shavaun Kidd. They’d launched a campaign to raise money to symbolically adopt a snow leopard in the wild. As part of their efforts, they wrote persuasive letters to their principal and created drawings that demonstrated what they’d learned about snow leopards from the Conservancy’s website and their conversations with Hacker. 

Click here to see their drawings and read their letters. 

Three primary readers were developed and distributed for free as reading materials for school children in the highland communities of the snow leopard range areas in Bhutan. Developed in partnership with the Royal Educational Council, The Bhutan Foundation aims to raise awareness on the importance of the snow leopard and its conservation in the region. The stories and illustrations were created by Bhutanese teachers and artists. 

Click here to download your copies.