Photographic Expedition Nepal – 2022

Photo: Tashi Ghale

Readings, Presentations, & Conversations with the contributors to the book “Searching for the Snow Leopard” 

Photo: Oriol Alamany

Artwork, Poetry, & Literature

Artwork: Feng Yang

Artwork & Poetry Contest
The Resilient Mountains – Snow Leopards & Mountain Communities

Artwork: Elena Kolotusha

Artwork & Literary Contest
Searching for the Snow Leopard

Artwork: Fiona Anderson

Artwork & Poetry Contest
Capture the Spirit of the Snow Leopard

Drawing: Ekaterina Drozhdina

The Snow Leopard Magazine – Nepal

Cover Art: SLC

The Ambassador of the Himalaya
Written By: Anil Adhikari
Edited By: Som Bahadur Ale, PhD

John Muir Laws Nature Journal Workshop – Snow Leopards: Conservation & Art

Photo: Steve Tracy

Conservation Cat Chat Virtual Series

Photo: Tashi Ghale

Snow Leopard Day Virtual Events 

Photo: Steve Tracy


Rodney Jackson Speaks with Marcia Sivek
BeProvided Conservation Radio

This Wild Life Conservation Podcast
Amy Turner speaks with
Rodney Jackson & Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson


Celebrating Snow Leopards From the Heart
International Snow Leopard Day 2020

Stories from the Himalayas:
A Conversation on Snow Leopards & Communities

WCN Wildlife Conservation Expo Presentations

Photo: Shavaun Kidd

In the Field

Photo: Ben Hunter

Ghost of the Gobi
Testing Drone Technology in Mongolia

Photo: Tashi Ghale


Photo: Tashi Ghale

Snow Leopard Scouts

Camera Trap Photography


Camera Trap Videography

Photo: Tashi Ghale

Video Messages

Photo: Ben Hunter

Dr. Rodney Jackson
Talks About the
Snow Leopard Conservancy’s Mission

Photo: Karen Czekalski

A Special Video Message
From Dr. Rodney Jackson

Photo: Tashi Ghale

Sustaining Conservation
Throughout the Pandemic


Indianapolis Prize
Rodney Jackson, Finalist

Bright Environmental Award – 2020
Maria Azhunova, Director Land of Snow Leopard Network

Silent Roar – National Geographic

Leopard in the Land

Photo & Artwork: Joe Rohde

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