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Snow Leopard Magazine – Nepal

“The Ambassador of the Himalaya”
Written By: Anil Adhikari
Edited By: Som Bahadur Ale, PhD

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“Capture the Spirit of the Snow Leopard”

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“Searching for the Snow Leopard”

Studying Snow Leopards
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New Jersey Four-Grade Students

Webinar – Celebrating Snow Leopards From the Heart, International Snow Leopard Day 2020

Webinar – Stories from the Himalayas: A Conversation on Snow Leopards & Communities

Join Dr. Rodney Jackson, Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Conservancy, and Tshewang Wangchuk, Executive Director of the Bhutan Foundation, as they discuss trekking the Himalayas, snow leopards, and community.

Their conversation focuses on the snow leopard’s importance in the mountain landscapes of Central Asia and the Hindu-Kush-Himalayas. The two highlight the cultural and environmental importance of the threatened cat and delve into the potential in the region for eco-tourism, business, and community-led environmental conservation.

Maria Azhunova, 2020 Bright Environmental Award recipient

Maria Azhunova, Director Elect of the Conservancy’s Land of the Snow Leopard Network & Executive Director of the Baikal Buryat Center of Indigenous Cultures, is this year’s recipient of Stanford’s Bright Environmental Award

This Wild Life Conservation Podcast

Amy Turner, host of This Wild Life Conservation Podcast, spoke with Dr. Rodney Jackson, the Conservancy’s Executive Director, and Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson, Vice President, about what led them to snow leopards and snow leopard conservation. Listen as they describe the threats the snow leopard faces and how the Conservancy is working to preserve the species.

A Special Video Message from Dr. Rodney Jackson

As the Conservancy celebrates its 20th year of conservation and educational outreach efforts in 7 of the 12 snow leopard range countries, Founder and Director, Dr. Rodney Jackson takes a few moments to thank our followers, supporters, and donors, recognizing those who have been with us for many years. He introduces one of our dedicated conservation partners, Ghulam Mohammad, who works with local communities in Pakistan and discusses how community-based conservation is at the heart of the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s mission.

Rodney also shares his thoughts for the future of the Conservancy as we work through the challenges of the pandemic and explains that as our new Vice President, Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson, assumes the direction of daily operations, he will be focusing on a variety of special projects that include mentoring the next generation of conservationists and working on new innovative technological tools that will aid in the conservation of the snow leopard.

Sustaining conservation throughout the pandemic

The Conservancy’s Manager of the Darwin Initiative, Dr. Shailendra Thakali, shares an important message about snow leopard conservation in Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic and how you can help.

Ghost of the Gobi

In late summer 2019, a group of dedicated researchers traveled to Mongolia to test drone (UAV) technology in the assessment of abundance of snow leopard prey species. The team included Rodney Jackson of the Snow Leopard Conservancy; Don Hunter, Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy; Bariushaa Munkhtsog, Mongolian Academy of Sciences; Bayaraa Munkhtsog, a PhD student at Beijing University; and videographer Ben Hunter of the Isaacson School for New Media, Colorado Mountain College.

More information about the study can be found in a Conservancy News post from September 25, 2019. 

Snow leopard photography courtesy of Tashi R. Ghale.

Rodney Jackson speaks with Marcia Sivek of BeProvided Conservation Radio

Part One – July 3, 2018

Click on the above photo to listen to part 1.

Part Two – July 11, 2018

Click on the above photo to listen to part 2.



Snow Leopard Conservancy is helping to save snow leopards in Nepal with the help of Foxlights—a predator deterrent from Australia, developed by Ian Whalen. Foxlights were originally designed to keep foxes away from livestock. Herders stake the lights at their livestock pens. The irregular flashing keeps the snow leopards and wolves in the high Asian mountains at bay and allows the herders to sleep peacefully through the night.

A network of teenage Scouts in the Himalaya of Nepal who help mitigate people-wildlife conflicts, spread the word on species and ecosystem protection, promote conservation, and actually monitor snow leopards via remote camera-traps and other means. They have also recently begun installing Foxlight electronic deterrent devices to protect livestock against predation by snow leopards and other animals.

Dr. Rodney Jackson talks about the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s mission

The Indianapolis Prize

Dr. Rodney Jackson was chosen as a finalist for the Indianapolis Prize, the World’s leading award for animal conservation, five times between the years 2008 and 2018. “The Indianapolis Prize recognizes and rewards conservationists who have achieved major victories in advancing the sustainability of animal species.”

Learn more about the Indianapolis Prize.

Indianapolis Prize 2008

Indianapolis Prize 2018

WCN Wildlife Conservation Expo

In the fall of each year, the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s conservation partner, the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), holds their Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco, California. The Expo provides a unique opportunity for supporters of wildlife to come together with some of the world’s leading conservationists. In addition to speaking one-on-one with the conservationists and their teams at their individual booths, attendees are able to choose from a wide variety of fascinating presentations.  Dr. Rodney Jackson as one of the presenters speaks about snow leopard conservation and the work done by the Conservancy and its partners in the field.

Dr. Rodney Jackson and Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson, Vice President of the Snow Leopard Conservancy, speak on behalf of the Snow Leopard Conservancy at the WCN Wildlife Conservation Virtual Expo in October 2020.

Dr. Rodney Jackson and Maria Azhunova, Director Elect of the Land of the Snow Leopard Network, speak on behalf of the Snow Leopard Conservancy at the WCN Wildlife Conservation Expo in October 2019.

Dr. Rodney Jackson and Conservancy partner Rinzin Lama from Nepal speak on behalf of the Snow Leopard Conservancy at the WCN Wildlife Conservation Expo in October 2018.

Dr. Rodney Jackson speaks on behalf of the Snow Leopard Conservancy at the WCN Wildlife Conservation Spring Expo held at Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, Illinois, in May 2015.

Dr. Rodney Jackson speaks on behalf of the Snow Leopard Conservancy at the WCN Wildlife Conservation Expo in October 2014.

Camera Trap Photography

Silent Roar

National Geographic 2016 HD

Veteran filmmaker Hugh Miles conducts an expedition into the Himalayas in search of the elusive snow leopard. Snow Leopard Conservancy founder Rodney Jackson is the technical advisor on this expedition and is featured in this film which documents the capturing of some of the first ever live video footage of snow leopard behavior in the wild, utilizing trail cameras which the cats triggered when they passed through a laser.

Leopard in the Land

Documentary 2015

Artist and Disney designer Joe Rohde sets out on a month-long horseback expedition across the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia with the intention of painting large-scale landscapes to raise funds for Snow Leopard conservation. Facing blizzards, rebellious camels, and the rapidly approaching Mongolian winter, it is a pilgrimage that explores why we travel, how we interact with the world, and the monumental effect that it has on everything else – including the elusive and enigmatic snow leopard.