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Snow Leopard Network

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Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Plan

General Publications

Camera Trapping Handbook

Surveying Snow Leopard Populations with Emphasis on Camera Trapping: A Handbook (lower res pdf – 2.7 Mb)
Surveying Snow Leopard Populations with Emphasis on Camera Trapping: A Handbook (higher res pdf – 4.3 Mb)
Surveying Snow Leopard Populations with Emphasis on Camera Trapping: A Handbook (Russian Language Version) (6.5 MB)
Surveying Snow Leopard Populations with Emphasis on Camera Trapping: A Handbook (Chinese Language Version) (5.61 MB)

Jackson, Rodney, HWC Ten Years Later: Successes and Shortcomings of Approaches to Global Snow Leopard Conservation, Human Dimensions of Wildlife: An International Journal, 2015 (95kb)

____________, Community Engagement and Building Capacity for Lasting Conservation: Process and Tools, SLC Field Series Document No 8, Snow Leopard Conservancy, 2009 (378kb)

____________, and Jain, Nandita, Mountain Cultures, Keystone Species: Exploring the Role of Cultural Keystone Species in Central Asia, (955kb)

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____________, and Jerry Roe, Preliminary observations on non-invasive techniques for identifying individual snow leopards and monitoring populations, presented at the Snow Leopard Survival Summit, 2002 (available upon request).

____________, Jerry D. Roe, Rinchen Wangchuk and Don O. Hunter Camera Trapping of Snow Leopards, (307kb)

China (Tibet)

Jackson, Rodney, People-Wildlife Conflict Management in the Qomolangma Nature Preserve, Tibet. Proc. International Workshop, “Tibet’s Biodiversity: Conservation and Management,” (Wu Ning, D. Miller, Lhu Zhu and J. Springer, Eds.), 1998. (32kb)


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Jain, Nandita, Wangchuk, Rinchen, and Rodney Jackson, An Assessment of CBT and Homestay Sites in Spiti District, Himachal Pradesh, August 19, 2003 (161kb)

Wangchuk, Rinchen, A Learning Tour of the CBN (Corbett, Nainital and Binsar) Eco-tourism Initiative Sites by Villagers from Hemis National Park and the Surrounding Area(18-28th November 2002) (341kb)

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Snow Leopard Conservancy, Visitor Attitude and Market Survey for Planning Community-based Tourism Initiatives in Rural Ladakh, December, 2001 (303kb)

____________, and Rinchen Wangchuk, Fostering Co-existence with Predators in Hemis National Park, Ladakh, India, presented at the symposium “People and Predators – Conserving Problem Mammals” International Theriological Congress (ITC8), Sun City, South Africa, 2001. (12kb)

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Janecka, J. E., R. Jackson, Y. Zhang, D. Li, B. Munkhtsog, V. Buckley-Beason, and W. J. Murphy “Population monitoring of snow leopards using noninvasive collection of scat samples: A pilot study”. Animal Conservation, 2008, [11: 401-411] (441kb)

(The above paper was the Associate Editor’s Choice for papers submitted in 2010 to Animal Conservation, the journal of the Zoological Society of London.)


Ale, Som B., B. Shrestha, and R. Jackson, On the Status of Snow Leopard Panthera Uncia (Schreber, 1775) In Annapurna, Nepal, March, 2014 (4.78 MB)

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