Cat Chat with Wendy Brewer & Karma Lama of KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel

KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel designs and operates educational, adventure, eco- and cultural tours in Asia. Award-winning trips draw upon owners Wendy and Karma Lama’s knowledge and relationships, having lived and worked in ecotourism development and adventure travel in Asia for 30 years. Trips are unique, innovative, and support wildlife and cultural conservation while bringing socio-economic benefits to local communities. KarmaQuest customizes trips for individual and group travelers as well as organizations and universities, including Snow Leopard Conservancy. KarmaQuest’s Wintertime Quest for the Snow Leopard trip received a Trip of the Year award from Outside Magazine for its commitment to environmentally and socially responsible travel. KarmaQuest is based in Half Moon Bay, California.

Wendy Lama has worked as an International Ecotourism Planner throughout South and Central Asia for UNESCO, WWF, The Mountain Institute and others, advising governments, NGOs, tour operators, and mountain communities in the policies and practicalities of ecotourism. She worked with Snow Leopard Conservancy and Ladakhi communities to develop ecotourism that supports snow leopard conservation and brings livelihood benefits to the Ladakhi people who protect this endangered cat.

Karma Lama grew up in Sikkim, India where his family still resides. He operated an adventure travel company in Nepal, organizing treks, expeditions, scientific research and educational programs throughout the Himalaya for 25 years. He also owned a tent company in Nepal, designing and manufacturing a variety of tents and trekking gear.