Cat Chat with Anil Adhikari – Snow Leopard Conservation – Working with local communities in Nepal

Our special guest for this edition of Conservation Cat Chats was writer, conservationist, and editor of Snow Leopard Magazine Anil Adhikari. Anil’s contributions to conservation extend to working directly with local communities. He has participated in the Snow Leopard Scout trail camera monitoring program, acts as a facilitator for women-run credit and savings programs, works with local herders, and on occasion speaks to local high school-age children. He’s also recently published two reference texts for intermediate school-age children on the conservation of snow leopards, focusing on the coexistence of humans and wildlife. Anil has been a featured guest writer for the Conservancy’s newsletter, Snow Leopard Tracks, and in this edition of Cat Chats, we had the opportunity to speak with him about his ongoing projects.