Improving access to veterinary resources in the high mountains

In Tibetan Buddhism, the interconnection of all life is recognized. One Health is the interdependence of human health, animal health, and environment health — a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to conservation and sustainability vital to solving today’s environmental problems.

The goals of the One Health Project are to improve human-animal health, conservation practices, and strengthen local institutions. The project benefits people and animals through practical, sustainable measures, and promotes a more peaceful acceptance of herders towards snow leopards.

Collaborating with International Veterinary Outreach and local Nepalese partners, this new initiative aims to reduce the risks of transmitting diseases between people, domestic animals, and wildlife; prevent livestock depredation through improved protection; and protect endangered snow leopards from conflict in Annapurna, Nepal.

In the project’s pilot phase, our team facilitated animal health and wildlife conservation workshops in the Nar and Phu Valley communities in collaboration with local livestock herders, livestock and wildlife authorities and rural municipality leaders.

For the next phase, we’ll partner with Nepalese veterinary institutions to offer training for locally based paravets directly serving herding communities living with snow leopards; facilitate veterinary clinics for livestock; and provide workshops on techniques to protect livestock, wildlife, and their shared habitat.