Transforming Coexistence in Sutai Massif, Mongolia

In rugged western Mongolia, snow leopards pose a major concern for local herders. This region experiences frequent snow leopard attacks on livestock, and as a result, attitudes toward carnivores tend to be negative. In collaboration with the Conservancy, Claudio Augugliaro, founder of Wildlife Initiative, is diligently working with the nomadic herders to develop practical solutions for the communities to protect their herds.

Claudio works with nomadic herding communities residing in the vital snow leopard habitat of the Sutai-Myang Ugalzad ecological corridor to promote coexistence.

Claudio equipped herders with predator-proofing tools like Foxlights®, solar-powered light deterrents, to reduce losses and promote a more harmonious coexistence with carnivores. One herder in the project lost 15 goats to snow leopards and wolves, but thanks to Claudio’s interventions, viewed it as “a fair price to pay for nature.”

“We really hope this seed will grow and spread throughout the local community. We strongly believe that a constant presence and involvement of the herders can be the key to preserving coexistence in this ecological path where herders largely overlap their home with snow leopards,” says Claudio.

This sentiment highlights changing community attitudes toward carnivores influenced by Claudio’s work and underscores the importance of ongoing conservation initiatives. We invite you to join us in supporting Claudio’s efforts, building a future where people and wildlife coexist in Mongolia’s Sutai Massif.