Tashi at Lake Phoksundo in Upper Dolpo

Tashi R. Ghale

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“Ghale is a field biologist, wildlife photographer and entrepreneur. His lens is trained to capture the Himalayas, wildlife, social, culture and religious life of Manang. A local photographer turned citizen scientist, Ghale monitors snow leopards for Third Pole Conservancy. He was the first to document camera-trap evidence of Pallas’s cats in Manang.

For his contribution to snow leopard research and conservation through local conservation initiatives and camera trap monitoring, he was awarded the Disney Conservation Hero Award in 2018. He was also awarded the “Abraham Conservation Award 2016” by WWF Nepal for his remarkable contribution in snow leopard and other high-altitude wildlife documentation and conservation in the Himalayas in Nepal. His tireless work in snow leopard monitoring has earned him the title of the ‘Guardian of the Snow Leopards in Nepal’.” (Business 360, February 2021)

A contributor to the book “Searching for the Snow Leopard,” Ghale has partnered with the Snow Leopard Conservancy for many years. His trail camera images have been instrumental in monitoring the elusive snow leopard in Nepal while his manually taken photographs have graced the pages of the Conservancy’s publications, helping to create awareness for this important apex predator. Tashi has also provided instruction in the use of trail cameras for the Snow Leopard Scouts of Nepal and has participated in the implementation of Foxlights predator deterrents.

The Conservancy would like to congratulate Tashi on his many achievements, and we look forward to working together through our continued mutual efforts to preserve the biodiversity of the high mountain ecosystem of Nepal.

Snow leopard (Panthera uncia) territory marking (scent mark) over hanging rock. #snowleopard #pantherauncia #mountainqueen #greyghost #mountains #predator #apexpredator #wildlife #wildlifeplanet #planetearth #wildliveplanet #wildlifephotography #tashirghalephotography

Posted by Tashi R. Ghale Photography on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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