Stories from the Himalayas

Join wildlife experts Dr. Rodney Jackson and Tshewang Wangchuk for a Webinar as they discuss trekking the Himalayas, snow leopards, and community. 

Due to COVID-19, many events both in Bhutan and across the globe have been indefinitely shut down, but this doesn’t have to mean that they are entirely cancelled! The Bhutan Foundation has partnered with the Snow Leopard Conservancy to host a virtual event during what would have been the date for the Jomolhari Mountain Festival 2020.

This fun conversation between Dr. Rodney Jackson, Executive Director, Snow Leopard Conservancy, and Tshewang Wangchuk, Executive Director of the Bhutan Foundation, focuses on the snow leopard’s importance in the mountain landscapes of Central Asia and the Hindu-Kush-Himalayas. The two highlight the cultural and environmental importance of the threatened cat and delve into the potential in the region for eco-tourism, business, and community-led environmental conservation.

The Webinar is now available on YouTube