Charlotte Hacker

Charlotte Hacker is a PhD candidate at Duquesne University in Dr. Jan Janecka’s genomics laboratory. Charlotte’s work focuses on using noninvasive genetic techniques to understand snow leopard population parameters, landscape connectivity, and diet. Charlotte is currently based in China working with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Snow Leopard Conservancy, and other in-country partners to better understand snow leopard diet with an emphasis on determining livestock dependency to find appropriate solutions for human-wildlife mitigation.

You can read more about Charlotte here.

Jonny Hanson

Dr. Jonathan Hanson serves as the Conservancy’s Social Science Associate. Dr. Hanson is a co-founder and the Managing Director of Jubilee Community Benefit Society, who own and operate Jubilee Farm, the first community-owned farm in Northern Ireland. He has a BA in medieval history and archaeology from Queen’s University, Belfast, an MSc in business management and sustainability from Queen’s University Management School, and a PhD in snow leopard conservation and rural development from the University of Cambridge.

You can read more about Jonny here.