We were pleased to host Nepalese wildlife biologist Ganga Ram Regmi, Founder-Director of Global Primate Network (GPN), who traveled from Kathmandu to meet guests at a fundraiser earlier this month. Below are the highlights from Ganga’s presentation about our collaborative projects to build sustainable community-based snow leopard conservation in Nepal.

“Non-lethal methods of reducing livestock depredation by snow leopards include:”

Predator-Proof Corrals

Predator Proofed Corral

Solar-Powered Electric Fencing

Solar Powered Electric Fence

FoxLights Electronic Light Deterrents – I used to wake up at midnight in order to keep predators away, but after installing Foxlights, I can now take rest at night. – Phurba Lama.


“We provide warm clothing and basic equipment, which herders often lack, to patrol and monitor wildlife. We train up to 10 herders in each community to take responsibility for this work.”

Equipment for Herders

Coats Flashlights equipmentWe also provide radios with ‘voices’ that carry out over the herd and allow the herder to be away for a short time without worrying about his animals. The radios also enable families to listen to GPNs weekly radio program, Surroundings of the Snow Leopard, which reaches one million households throughout Nepal.”



“Snow Leopard Day Festivals and the school-based Snow Leopard Scouts engage school children in hands-on conservation action such as learning from Tashi Ghale, GPNs expert, below, how to monitor snow leopards using trail cameras.”

Snow Leopard Scouts learning about camera-trap photography

Snow Leopard Scouts learning about camera trap technology Nepal

All photos courtesy of Ganga Ram Regmi/Tashi. R. Ghale/GPN