Asha-Jerry 6-2012 (2)

Photo by SLC associate, Jerry Roe, in July 2012

Asha at a few weeks old

Asha at a few weeks old

Today we celebrate the 12th birthday of Ashakiran, a snow leopard very dear to our hearts. Asha is a retired ambassador snow leopard with the Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund in Occidental, California.  During the past 12 years Asha has helped raise over $100,000 in donations for Snow Leopard Conservancy!

Asha1 @ 6 months

Asha at 6 months


Young Asha (photo by Steve Flaherty)


5 year old Asha with Rob Dicely

We are posting these beautiful pictures Ashakiran to wish her a very Happy Birthday and thank her and WCECF  for all they’ve done to raise awareness for the snow leopard and their support of SLC.