Pallas cat

Pallas cat
(photo courtesy of the San Diego Zoo)


Snow Leopard, Otter, and Domestic Cat

Three Stories by Jamyang, from the Lungnak Gorge in Zanskar.

Once upon a time, a Snow Leopard, an Otter and a Domestic Cat used to live together in the same family. One day they decided among themselves to give some responsible tasks to each other:

The Snow Leopard went to the mountain to bring fire wood. He suddenly saw an Ibex and started to stalk it. Soon hunting became a way of life for him, which made him forget his actual job and hence never returned back.

The Otter went to fetch water from the river. He saw fishes in the water and kept on trying to catch them. He also forgot his commitment and never returned back either.

The Domestic Cat went to bring fire from a villager’s house. He found the life with the human family very comfortable and cozy and he never returned to the leopard-cat-otter household either.

Although they never got to live together again, the Snow Leopard always keeps separate shares of the stomach and liver for his good friends whenever he kills livestock or wildlife.

In Ladakh and Baltistan, the snow leopard and otter visit one another during the winter. Read more.

Ibex Mating

During the Ibex rutting season, the male Ibex always fight for a single female. The male who is unable to compete with the others and losses the fight badly has to leave the herd and cross over nine valleys and join another herd.

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