SLC’s Approach to Conservation


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Community-based Conservation: Transforming the snow leopard from being valued more alive than dead by local communities and herders

Snow Leopard Conservancy is fully committed to a strategy of empowering local communities and people to become effective stewards for the snow leopard, its prey and habitat – along with the many other plants and animals protected under the same umbrella, as a single snow leopard may roam over an area of 500 or more square miles.

Making use of sound science, involving people through a fully participatory engagement process that values traditional knowledge and employing proven survey techniques are all vital to reliably identifying snow leopard hotspots and the habitat capable of sustaining a core population, as well as teasing out the underlying threats. This information allows us and other conservationists to better target key areas and make good use of scarce resources, including your and other donor’s dollars. Raising awareness among teachers, children and their parents is also crucial, and the primary focus of our education program. See How We Work to learn more about our approach as well as the following section on monitoring and survey techniques.

Currently, SLC and its partners are working in five range countries in Central Asia: India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan. Previous projects have been undertaken in China (including Tibet) and Bhutan.

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