5th Annual – Artwork & Poetry Contest – 2023

Harmony In Peril:

Exploring Climate Change, the Biodiversity Crisis, and the Fate of the Snow Leopard


Traditional Artwork
Adult – 18 & Over

Snow Leopard

Artist – Sonia Elena Suárez

Medium: Oils


Artist – Kateryna Bielikova

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas Sheet

Reference photo: Olga Itina


Artist – Kateryna Bielikova

Medium: Watercolors on Paper

The Mountain’s Ghost

Artist – Muhammad Sufyan

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Nocturnal Embrace

Artist – Ana Cortes

Media: Watercolors and Water Soluble Graphite Pencil on Moleskin

Have you ever felt the need of emotional shelter, of refuge? but you have realized you are on your own for this one? That black night, that harsh situation, that crisis only you know are going through and need to face? In desperation and loneliness you find that last breath, that inner flame. The power inside you to carry on, to continue, to fight. That moment you have an inner conversation with yourself and first of all find out that you have the skillset and the tools to handle the situation and that you can trust yourself to walk out of this rough patch. When you soothe yourself and pat your own back saying, it’s going to be ok. I relate that feeling with the mental and physical strength of the snow leopard. Alone in the cold night of inclemency, starving, perhaps relying in the last bit of strength they have to survive the night, hoping for a better tomorrow, they curl as their typical way and hug themselves with their tail. Providing that comfort, that embrace. 


Artist – Laxman Basani

Medium: Watercolors

Big Snow Leopard

Artist – Dina Leonova

Media: Watercolors and Tempera

King of the Mountains

Artist – Ingeborg Saes

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

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