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Nepali studentsin environmental camp

Seventeen 6th & 7th Graders from Thame and Phortse Villages participated in the camp

In August 2010, a snow leopard environmental camp was launched under the supervision of the Conservancy’s Regional Conservation Director Som Ale. This was a pilot program for the Sagarmatha (Everest) area of northeastern Nepal. The camp was held at Namche Bazaar, the gateway town to Sagarmatha National Park. Students learned about snow leopard habitat and wildlife watching, particularly the local Himalayan tahr. Nothing like this camp had ever been done in this region, and the program was accepted enthusiastically by teachers, parents, and local authorities.

page one of the booklet 'Snow Leopard Scouts from Mt. Everest'

Following the camp, the Conservancy compiled the students’ artwork and prose into a booklet released in March 2011. In introducing Snow Leopard Scouts from Mt. Everest, the Conservancy’s Regional Conservation Director Som Ale said:

“Because it is their effort, participating students are expected to share with their parents, teachers, fellow villagers, and cohorts in the other schools the booklet that vividly illustrates their own contributions. All participants took part in outdoor activities, visited snow leopard habitat, observed Himalayan tahr and other wildlife, and were engaged in nature debates, essay writings, a quiz contest, and wildlife drawings all of which formed the basis for the booklet.”

You can see the booklet here.

Nepali studentin environmental camp