Dear Friends,

As this year comes to a close, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our Snow Leopard Conservancy family and beloved supporters. Together, we are helping nurture Asia’s high mountains with peace and compassion for both people and animals.

With your dedication, we have made measurable progress in the protection of snow leopards this year!

Land of Snow Leopard Network (LOSL) welcomed dynamic new leadership under the guidance of Director Maria Azhunova, supported by dedicated country coordinators, and the emerging Youth Wing. Together they are committed to safeguarding snow leopards and preserving the rich biocultural heritage of Central and Inner Asia. Read more about Maria and this groundbreaking initiative on Our Team page.

Zhaparkul Raimbekov, respected Guardian of Arashan Sacred Site of LOSL, initiated a spiritual education program in Kyrgyzstan to blend Traditional Ecological Knowledge with educational activities to create a supportive environment for snow leopard conservation, particularly among the younger generation. This year, Zhaparkul’s outreach extended to 7 schools, 156 students, 20 parents and teachers, and 35 community members.

Snow Leopard Conservancy, International Veterinary Outreach, and Nepali organizations Animal Nepal and Mountain Spirit joined forces through the One Health – One Welfare program to improve the lives of both animals and people. An eight-day training program was hosted for 13 Nepalese Junior Technicians (paraveterinarians) working in the Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. The technicians perform a crucial service in promoting animal health and welfare and supporting coexistence with carnivores. During this training, our collaborative veterinary team provided preventative care for 250 domestic animals and training for nearly 50 animal guardians, reducing the threat of emerging zoonotic diseases spreading to wildlife, particularly the 300 endangered snow leopards in Nepal.

Teka Samuha Nepal (TSN), led by Anil Adhikari, conducted classroom-based education, the Snow Leopard Scout program for students, Snow Leopard Nature Tours, and hosted snow leopard-focused radio broadcasts. TSN provided in-classroom education for nearly 500 students, practical field-based learning for 160 students, and hosted Snow Leopard Day celebrations for over 500 people.

As we reflect on these achievements, we invite you to contribute to our ongoing efforts. Your support is crucial in reaching our fundraising goal and ensuring the continued success of these vital programs. Every effort, big or small, makes a significant difference in the conservation of snow leopards and the preservation of their habitat.

On behalf of our team, please accept our best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!