We mourn the loss of Robert J. Wilson, Board Treasurer/CFO and longtime personal and professional friend of the Snow Leopard Conservancy. Bob will always be remembered for his huge heart and caring commitment to wild animals, from sea lions, walruses and polar bears to snow leopards, tigers and more.

He was so very gracious in giving his time and deep knowledge of non-profits. Bob was responsible for helping Darla and Rodney establish SLC in 2010 as a 501( c)(3) organization. His attention to good fiscal management and governance helped guide the organization to where it is today – well respected and active in 7 of the snow leopard’s 12 range countries centered in the mountains of Asia.

On behalf of SLC and all colleagues across the world, we extend our heartfelt condolences to Bob’s family and his many friends. He will be truly missed, but we know his spirit will be nearby, in the Farallon Islands and the other places so dear to him. Rest in Peace, dearest Bob.

With Love,

The Snow Leopard Conservancy Team