Snow Leopard Conservancy is expanding its outreach at the Felid Taxon Advisory Group conference this week, hosted by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The mission of the Felid Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) is to bring together animal care staff and scientists to further conservation of felids in the wild, effectively manage felids in AZA-accredited zoos throughout North America, and support scientific research concerning felid species. The Felid TAG hosts an annual week-long mid-year meeting, which includes the Felid TAG Husbandry Course, Species Survival Plan meetings, conference proceedings, and working groups. The time spent during the husbandry course and meetings allows zoo professionals, veterinarians, researchers, graduate students, and conservationists from around the country and international partners from around the world to collaborate and transfer knowledge about felid husbandry, science, wellbeing, and conservation.

SLC Director Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson and Dr. Jan E. Janečka

Ashleigh has held various leadership roles with the Felid TAG since 2012 and is continuing to collaborate with the Felid TAG to bridge zoo and field conservation efforts for snow leopards and other Asian cat species including Pallas’ cats and tigers.

Pallas’ Cat – Columbus Zoo