Ukranian conservationist and artist, Kateryna Bielikova, a regular participant in the Conservancy’s Art & Poetry Contest, is inspiring young artists to develop their artistic skills using the beautiful snow leopard as their muse.

With the support of the Czech humanitarian organization People in Need Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Kateryna was provided the opportunity to hold a master class for schoolchildren.

Ms. Bielikova was pleasantly surprised at the number of students who were interested in taking her class. Using educational materials provided by the Conservancy, the young participants learned about snow leopards, their particular characteristics, and how conservationists are working towards a peaceful coexistence between people and the big cats. They studied pictures of snow leopards in the wild, paying close attention to their inherently unique natural camouflage and viewed paintings of snow leopards by various artists.

Kateryna explained that the purpose of the class was to “demonstrate the multi-colored image and a creative approach to coloring finished sketches, using a combination of different techniques.” She said that the students enjoyed the class and took their drawings home to complete. She is hoping for a continuation of the program where she and her students can explore new ideas.

Kateryna is an ardent supporter of the snow leopard, and we applaud her for bringing the message to the youth of her community of how this species is an integral component in the stability of its ecosystem and the importance of finding a path to peaceful coexistence with people who share its home.

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All photographs courtesy of Kateryna Bielikova