Elementary and intermediate-age children of the local villages of Nepal will now have the opportunity to read & study from two snow leopard-based conservation education texts created by our partner, Anil Adhikari and published in conjunction with Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.

Anil Adhikari

Anil Adhikari is a writer, conservationist, and editor of Snow Leopard Magazine. His contributions to conservation extend to working directly with local communities. He has participated in the Snow Leopard Scout trail camera monitoring program, acts as a facilitator for women-run credit and savings programs, works with local herders, and on occasion speaks to local high school-age children. Anil has been a featured guest writer for the Conservancy’s newsletter, Snow Leopard Tracks.

Niraj Thakali is working hard to distribute snow leopard-based conservation education texts to schoolchildren of six schools in the Mustang district of Nepal

These splendid reference textbooks are being provided to six rural schools in Mustang by Teka Samuha Nepal, a NGO based in Kathmandu. The NGO Himali Conservation Forum is also distributing them among six schools in the Taplejung district of Nepal.

They will provide children in rural Nepal an ideal opportunity to learn about snow leopards and the biodiversity and conservation of the ecosystem in which they live. The books contain exciting and adventurous stories of citizen scientists, legendary snow leopard scientists, biologists, and conservationists.

Conservancy Founder and Director Dr. Rodney Jackson with the newly published conservation education reference books

Utilizing these wonderful texts, students will also have an opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that will help them to gain an understanding of the interaction of snow leopards with the environment and their prey, snow leopard-based livehood initiatives, and the role they can play in creating awareness about the snow leopard and conservation within their own famiies and communities.

Our conservation partner in Nepal, Anil Adhikari, presenting his newly published conservation education textbooks created for schoolchildren in Nepal to the Secretary of Ministry of Forest and Environment, Dr. Pem N. Kandel

We would like to extend our thanks to writer/editor Anil Adhikari, team members, story tellers, field coordinators, donors, Teka Samuha Nepal, the Himali Conservation Forum, Niraj Thakali, and Ramesh Rai. We also would like to thank the Conservation Education Unit of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation for the publication of these essential informative texts and to the five rural municipalities and 12 schools for taking part in this mission to protect the snow leopard.

Photos: Anil Adhikari