Quinton with mountains in background

With great pleasure we welcome Dr. Quinton Martins to our Snow Leopard Conservancy team!  As of January 1, 2015, Quinton will become the Conservancy’s Assistant Director, based in Sonoma and work closely with Rodney in strategic planning, program oversight, and fund development.  Quinton brings a wealth of experience to this work, having founded South Africa’s Cape Leopard Trust in 2004, and growing that organization to full sustainability.

Quinton says, “Having used Rodney’s thesis on snow leopards as my “bible” while working on mountain leopards in South Africa, it is an incredible privilege to join him and his fantastic team in an effort to advance snow leopard conservation across their range. It is wonderful to see the generous support the SLC has had over the years and I look forward to connecting with our supporters over time. I also look forward to bringing my own experience to the fore, contributing to broader mountain ecosystem conservation using iconic flagship species including snow leopards, mountain leopards and even mountain lions in the USA. This will be an incredibly exciting and challenging time.”

The entire Conservancy team is excited to be working with Quinton, and we’re  confident the snow leopards will benefit from his expertise, passion, and commitment to saving the earth’s mountain cats.  We look forward to introducing Quinton and his family to our community of Conservancy partners, including you who have been such fantastic supporters.