Snow Leopard Conservancy advances community-based stewardship of the snow leopard through education, research, and grassroots conservation action.

  • Live in Co-existence!

    (Anil Adhikari serves as local conservation officer, coordinating Snow Leopard Conservancy projects in the Everest region of Nepal.  He also has a talent for writing wonderful blogs from the field, giving us a glimpse of life at the foot of Earth’s highest mountain.  Here he recounts a visit with Tenzing Dorje Sherpa.) When I met more »

  • Man holding snow leopard cub with other men around him

    Pakistani Snow Leopard to Get New Home

    Villagers with cub in 2012 (photo: Snow Leopard Foundation) A young snow leopard in Pakistan will soon be getting a new home after living in a small cage along Karakoram highway since it’s capture two years ago when it was only a few months old.  The local villagers who found the cub in December 2012 more »

  • Snow leopard lying near rock face behind a log

    Snow Leopard Radio-Collared in Mongolia

    It seems like only a few days ago that we invited Dr. Rodney Jackson to conduct the first snow leopard field survey methodology training in Mongolia, and learn about snow leopards at field sites in Great Gobi Strictly Protected Areas (SPA). It seems like only a few days ago that for the first time in more »