Ensuring snow leopard survival and conserving mountain landscapes by expanding environmental awareness and sharing innovative practices through community stewardship and partnerships.

  • Discovery of Three Snow Leopard Subspecies Creates New Conservation Opportunities

    In a major scientific discovery, a team of researchers has announced that there appear to be three subspecies of the snow leopard.  Until now, the elusive snow leopard, which inhabits a vast area of 1.6 million sq. km across multiple countries in Central and South Asia, was thought to be a single or “monotypic” species more »

  • I, Snow Leopard

    Many thanks to Orion Magazine for permission to share a piece from their July-September issue, “I, Snow Leopard,” a poem by Jidi Majia (Translated from the Chinese By Frank Stewart) with an Introduction by Barry Lopez. Jidi Majia is an indigenous poet of the Nuosu (Yi) people of southwestern China’s mountains. His poetry expresses the more »

  • Rodney Jackson and Tashi Ghale

    Saving Nepal’s Snow Leopards

    The Manang District of central Nepal covers an area of 2246 sq.km. and supports some 9,500 people in twelve villages. There are 32 primary schools and 17 secondary schools. To the north lies the District of Mustang, separated from Manang by Thorung La, a 5415-meter (17,766 foot) pass. Snow leopards have long inhabited this region, more »