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Picture of village & herder with sheep in front

Pema Tsering, SLC Coordinator in Nepal

Pema Tsering is the Program Coordinator for Snow Leopard Conservancy in Mustang.  Here he gives us a bit of information about what it is like living in Mustang and explains his role with the Conservancy.   Pema’s holiday greeting from Mustang (photo: Pema Tsering)   Here we have no snow yet …but soon we will more »

little boy in leopard costume

Kids Helping Snow Leopards

Snow leopard notecards by 11-year-old Kyle Trefny  (photo: Kyle Trefny) Aren’t these notecards beautiful?  And what makes them even more beautiful is that they were created by 11-year-old Kyle Trefny in San Francisco to raise money for snow leopard conservation.  Kyle attended a Snow Leopard Conservancy event with his father a few years ago and more »