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Learn About Snow Leopards
      What do scientists call snow leopards?
      What do Snow leopards look like?
      Why do snow leopards look the way they do?
      Where do snow leopards live?
          Range Map
      What adapatations have snow leopards made to their environment?
      What do snow leopards eat?
      How fast can a snow leopards run?
      How long do snow leopards live?
      Why are snow leopards endangered?
      What are the laws against killing snow leopards?
      How many snow leopards are left in the wild?
      How many cubs are in a snow leopard litter?
      How many snow leopards are living in zoos?
      What does the Snow Leopard Conservancy do?
      How do snow leopards take their own photograph?
      What kind of education is needed by a person who works with snow leopards?
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