Archive | February, 2014
Ramesh near trail camera

Ramesh Sunar, Snow Leopard Scout

  Ramesh Sunar with a camera trap he monitors in Nepal (photo: SLC/NTNC)   As recently as a few years ago, Ramesh Sunar of Thini,  Annapurna- Nepal, used to kill Chukar (partridges) and other wild birds without a second thought. Whenever he caught a glimpse of a fox, he would chase after it. But ever more »

Pallas' cat camera trap image

Discovery of First Pallas’ Cat in Nepal

   Pallas’ cat in Nepal  (photo: NTNC-ACAP/SLC)   Exciting camera trap images from our Nepal team shows Pallas’ cats, otherwise known as Manul, are living in Nepal!  Even though they live in grassland and mountain steppe areas throughout Asia, until these images were taken, presence of the Pallas’ cat in Nepal was never suspected or more »

Ang Maya by her garden

Woman Along the Nepal Conservation Trail

Village of Thamo in Nepal (photo: SLC/NTNC)   Ang Maya Sherpa from Thamo, one of the several settlements in Everest, has never seen a snow leopard, but many times she has chased away Himalayan tahr, local prey of snow leopard, from her vegetable garden. “If the prey is here, the predator must be somewhere nearby,” more »