Village Life

Here are some short, Quicktime videos of life in and around villages in some of the lands where snow leopards live.


Snow Leopard Conservancy Video of Village Life:
threshing barley with yak and ponyPeople who live in the snow leopard countries get their big-bodied livestock to help with the barley harvest. In exchange for threshing, the horses and yaks get to eat on the job. village woman winnowing with a wooden rakeOnce the barley heads are separated from the straw, the people use wooden rakes to winnow out the grain from the chaff.empty a man spinning woll while sitting with friendsWool is still spun by hand in many of the snow leopard countries, and men and women are equally good at it!empty
a family discussion in a traditional yak-hair tentIn the Mustang region of Nepal, SLC’s coordinator meets with semi-nomadic herders in a traditional yak-hair tent, to discuss livestock management and how to prevent loss to snow leopards. village woman winnowing with a wooden rakeRinchen Wangchuk, director of SLC-India, meets with women in Hemis National Park in the initial planning for the award-winning Traditional Himalayan Homestay program.empty village meeting to discuss homestays Everyone has a voice in matters that affect Homestay operations, such as seasonal activities in the community, visitor expectations, host expectations, and establishing standards of services.
a woman leads her pack animals along a roadCameraman Rodney Jackson greets a Ladakhi woman walking to her fields. Jullay means hello, goodbye, or thank you in the Ladakhi language. During harvest time, the people work from dawn to dark. pack yaksIn high altitude areas of the Himalaya, sturdy pack animals are vital for transporting goods. These are yak-cattle cross-breeds. Wild yaks are rare, and even bigger.empty gaily decorated Nepalese mules wearing bells, bells, bellsMules are also incredibly valuable across the mountains of central Asia. You can tell by their adornments how much these Nepalese mules are appreciated for the work they do.empty
children playing game with pebbles on a flat stonePebbles and a flat stone can make a board game to while away the afternoon in a herder encampment. Kids at a Buddhist festival in NepalKids at a Buddhist festival in Nepal.empty empty