The Resilient Mountains
Snow Leopards & Mountain Communities

Artwork & Poetry Contest

The past year and a half have been difficult as the worldwide pandemic has brought challenges globally. Nothing and no one has gone unaffected. Lives and livelihoods have been threatened as the world shut down, particularly for mountain communities who in addition to the raising of livestock depend a great deal on ecotourism as a source of income.

As the world waits for normalcy, the mission of conservationists and environmentalists cannot. Their work must continue as the threats to the environment, climate, and biodiversity remain.

We are so proud of our associates and partners in the field and their teams who have persevered, bringing much needed food and supplies to communities that were cut off due to shut-downs and quarantine. They have continued to plan, conduct training and educational classes and activities virtually, and when and where they could, have reached out to continue their work in person with mountain communities who are the stewards of the ecosystem.

To the people who live in the high mountains of Asia, the snow leopard has long been a source of spiritual power and strength and of continuity – a guardian over its domain. It has also been a symbol of the resilience of a species that survives despite the extreme challenges of its environment. This year our art and poetry contest will honor both the snow leopard and the members of the mountain communities who share its home and their resilience despite adversity.


  • Amateur and professional artists and writers may submit entries.

  • You may submit two (2) entries: either two (2) pieces of artwork, two (2) poems, or one (1) piece of artwork and one (1) poem.

  • While it is not required, we recommend you submit something you have created specifically with the theme of the contest in mind.

  • Entries submitted previously to the 2019 or 2020 Conservancy Contests will not be considered.

  • Youth entries under the age of 18 need to have parental permission. The Conservancy will email you a brief form to complete upon entry.

  • All artwork submitted must be signed. Artwork submitted without a signature will not be considered.

  • By submitting your artwork and/or poetry, you are giving the Snow Leopard Conservancy permission to use them on our website, in newsletters, in our annual report and similar publications, and across our social media channels for creating awareness and fundraising. The Snow Leopard Conservancy will not use your poetry or artwork for any other purpose without first obtaining your permission. And any other entity or organization that contacts the Conservancy regarding permission to use your work will be directed to the artist/author.

  • Submit your entries only between July 1, 2021 and August 25, 2021 12 midnight PDT 

  • Submit all entries to

If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to email us at We wish you luck and thank you for entering the Conservancy’s Art & Poetry Contest 2021.