Snow Leopard Conservancy’s Program in India


The Conservancy’s model for Community-based Stewardship of Snow Leopards



Our India program grew from our activities in Ladakh and through our partnership with the Mountain Institute. detail of the herder poster Working closely with Rinchen Wangchuk and associates like Nandita Jain, Wendy Lama and Rezino Lepcha, we tested and refined innovative techniques for engaging local people in community based conservation of snow leopards and their prey.

We produced a poster, Good Livestock Husbandry is Good for Snow Leopards, in the traditional style of thangka painting. This poster helped local communities to conceptualize the relationship between conservation, improved livestock management and potential sources of income to help offset economic losses due to unavoidable, inevitable livestock depredation by wild predators.

A series of special children’s books in five local languages highlighted the attitudes of children toward wild creatures and made livestock owners more aware of their guarding responsibilities.



SLC - India logo In 2003, we registered SLC-India Trust as an environmental and social NGO under Indian law. Until his tragic passing in 2011, Rinchen Wangchuk led SLC-IT and a dedicated Ladakhi team in major accomplishments in snow leopard conservation. For more information and how you can help SLC-IT protect snow leopards please visit their website



Highlights of Accomplishments

Read our annual reports, in the Publications section, for more information on our programs in India and elsewhere.