Stories from the Roof of the World

By Don Hunter

Published by University Press of Colorado

Cover of Snow Leopard: Stories from the Roof of the World

Usually with a book like this you would expect to find a dry, academic report written in language that is straight ahead science, filled with terms you would have to look up in the dictionary. Not so here. The editor, Don Hunter has managed to assemble a collection of account… that reads like diary entries, literature and in some cases adventure stories. It is also educational on many fronts, informative and surprisingly enthralling. I started the book one night in bed and found myself reading until way past three a.m.

Robert Carraher, The Dirty Lowdown

These “Stories from the Roof of the World” resonate with adventure, danger, discovery, and most importantly hope for this magnificent big cat. Giving a voice to the snow leopard, this collection offers readers a rare glimpse of this elusive cat and the remarkable lives of those personally connected to its future.

Our friend and former colleague, Don Hunter, edited this University Press of Colorado volume. Darla, Rodney and several of our associates contributed stories.

The book has 216 pages including 16 color photos and is available for $26.95 plus $5 postage.

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