Darla Hillard

Darla Hillard on the trail - photo by Wendy Lama

Darla serves as the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s Education Director. She was fundraiser and logistical organizer for Rodney’s original Nepal radio-tracking study, bringing more than a decade of administrative experience to the role. She co-wrote the June 1986 National Geographic article, followed by the book, Vanishing Tracks: Four Years Among the Snow Leopards of Nepal. Darla is logistical facilitator for the Land of the Snow Leopard Network, and she works with Conservancy partners on Conservation Education for rural school children in the snow leopard countries.

Darla was lead author for the chapter, “Environmental Education for Snow Leopard Conservation,” in the book, Snow Leopards, published in 2016, to launch the Elsevier Press series, Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes. “On the Trail of Wild Snow Leopards,” one of two articles Darla has written for Highlights for Children, was chosen Science Feature of 1994. She has also written for Travelers’ Tales: San Francisco, and Bay Nature magazine.