Our Volunteers


The following wonderful people have volunteered their time within the past two years to help save snow leopards in myriad ways, including working events, providing professional services, and through personal fundraising activities.

Casey Alver
Sandy Ball
Dr. Georges Barth
Jessa Barzelay
Nancy Beam
Jim and Patty Beers
Jessie Bushnell
Deb Cano
Marge Carmichael
Jeremiah Cummins
Namita Dalal
Allene Deaton
Jackie Deely
Antonia DeMatto
Barbara & Rob Dicely
Laura Eagleston
Emma & Gail Evenari
Alicia Falsetto
Steve Flaherty
Robert Freeman
Charleen Gavette
Richard Goold
Suzy Greenberg
Karen Gulmon
Mary & Tom Herrmann
Sandy & Terry Hillard
Carolynne Komata
Lori Komejan