In the Field with Dr. Rodney Jackson

In these videos Dr. Rodney Jackson explains some aspects of work in the field.


Snow Leopard Conservancy Video of Field Work:
Rod Jackson explains snow leopard scent marking and scrapeing behavior Rodney Jackson in the field describing a snow leopard marking spot recently visited by a female and cub. empty Pakistani volunteers set up a camera-trap In Pakistan,community monitors trained by Rodney Jackson have captured many images of snow leopards in their area. empty showing camera setup for a scene in the film, Silent Roar: In Search of the Snow Leopard Rodney Jackson assisted cameraman Mitchell Kelly and producer Hugh Miles on the PBS Nature documentary, Silent Roar: In Search of the Snow Leopard. In this clip, he is helping Mitchell with a remote video camera setup. empty
a steep climb to the camera-trap site Sometimes we envy our fellow wildlife biologists who work in a place like Africa, where you can drive right up to your herd of elephants! empty setting up a camera trap Snow leopards like high places, so the SLC-India Trust team, led by Rinchen Wangchuk with Program Assistant Jigmet Dadul, set camera-traps as high as 15,000 feet in northern India. empty empty