The Fate of the Snow Leopards

By Nina A. Bej

Grade: 5, Pechersk School International, Kyiv, Ukraine



A lovely creature was born on Earth
A spotted animal that brought joy and mirth.
But one day, when the snow leopards were talking
They noticed a shadow, walking and stalking.

“Hey!” said one of these splendid creatures,
“We must check out that human and it’s features.”
But as soon as they strode out of their hiding place
A dagger was inserted inside them, and they felt pain and hate.

The snow leopards fled! They ran and they ran
They were sprinting away from the dangers of man.
But humans were fast, uncaring and hateful
And for this, the snow leopards sure weren’t grateful.

“Why should this human have the right to be born?”
Inquired a snow leopard with unbelievable scorn.
“Humans are traitors! They’re mean and uncaring!”
Cried a snow leopard with remarkable daring.
“I thought humans were kind! I thought they had mercy!”
But all the snow leopard received was misfortune and adversity.

Now you see why snow leopards are nearly extinct
With humans, snow leopards used to be linked.
But now the link has fallen apart
And snow leopards are now being torn from our hearts.