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Sticks scraped by snow leoard

Studying Mongolia’s “Ghost Cat”

  (Guest blogger, Katey Duffey, is a Miami University/Project Dragonfly Zoology Master’s student with a research focus on mitigating human/carnivore conflicts while fostering coexistence.  Katey has just returned from Mongolia where she conducted a 3-week study to survey herder attitudes toward snow leopard conflicts and livestock losses.  Images are courtesy of Katey Duffey. )   more »

scouts sitting on hill observing wildlife

Summer Camp

Hiking in the hills, telling stories around a campfire, sleeping in tents, taking pictures of wildlife, identifying snow leopard poop…  Wait a minute, snow leopard poop?  This summer camp obviously isn’t happening in the United States! Our Snow Leopard Scouts Program in Nepal recently initiated eleven new Scouts in the Annapurna area of Lower Mustang.  more »

Four men standing near Foxlight with mountains in background

Herders’ Hearts Lightened in Remote Manang

(Because physically predator-proofing livestock corrals with traditional fencing materials can be cost prohibitive in most areas of the snow leopard range, Snow Leopard Conservancy is beginning trials with electronic deterrent devices as a more efficient alternative.  Trials are currently underway using Predator Guard [press release-],  and Foxlights in Nepal, Mongolia, and India.  The following more »

Snow Leopard and cub

Young Village Chief and Snow Leopards

  In remote Annapurna (Nepal) in the Spring of 2011 — one of the remote cameras captured an adult snow leopard named Mukti, literally meaning “liberty”, along the slopes of Muktinath (holy pilgrimage site) situated at the elevation of 4,000 meters. [Muktinath is considered a salvation valley for Hindu people and also a religious site more »

Rodney & Darla in early 1980s

Packing Parties

  Back in the 1980s, after Rodney won the Rolex Award—which funded the first radio-tracking study of snow leopards—we traveled back & forth between California and Nepal several times a year.  We would spend up to eight  months at a time in our remote Himalayan camp, coming home during the summer monsoon season. My family more »

Prayer flags with mountain in background

Himalayan Holiday

Trekking in the Himalayas and seeing wild snow leopards is only what conservationists and researchers like Rodney Jackson get to do, right? Wrong!  Several years ago Snow Leopard Conservancy joined forces with KarmaQuest Adventure Travel to offer a unique trekking experience in prime snow leopard habitat in Ladakh, India for anyone interested in going.  Highlights more »

Lhakpa and his son

Viewpoint From a Nepali Herder

  Lhakpa Gurung and his son near materials for predator proofing corrals (photo: SLC/NTNC)   Lhakpa Gurung, a local herder from a remote Samdzong village in  Mustang, owns 400 sheep and goats, 4 horses and 5 cows. “Snow lepard makes us poor people even poorer,” he complains.  “It  massacres our sheep and goats when it more »

Ramesh near trail camera

Ramesh Sunar, Snow Leopard Scout

  Ramesh Sunar with a camera trap he monitors in Nepal (photo: SLC/NTNC)   As recently as a few years ago, Ramesh Sunar of Thini,  Annapurna- Nepal, used to kill Chukar (partridges) and other wild birds without a second thought. Whenever he caught a glimpse of a fox, he would chase after it. But ever more »

Pallas' cat camera trap image

Discovery of First Pallas’ Cat in Nepal

   Pallas’ cat in Nepal  (photo: NTNC-ACAP/SLC)   Exciting camera trap images from our Nepal team shows Pallas’ cats, otherwise known as Manul, are living in Nepal!  Even though they live in grassland and mountain steppe areas throughout Asia, until these images were taken, presence of the Pallas’ cat in Nepal was never suspected or more »