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Ramesh near trail camera

Ramesh Sunar, Snow Leopard Scout

  Ramesh Sunar with a camera trap he monitors in Nepal (photo: SLC/NTNC)   As recently as a few years ago, Ramesh Sunar of Thini,  Annapurna- Nepal, used to kill Chukar (partridges) and other wild birds without a second thought. Whenever he caught a glimpse of a fox, he would chase after it. But ever more »

Pallas' cat camera trap image

Discovery of First Pallas’ Cat in Nepal

   Pallas’ cat in Nepal  (photo: NTNC-ACAP/SLC)   Exciting camera trap images from our Nepal team shows Pallas’ cats, otherwise known as Manul, are living in Nepal!  Even though they live in grassland and mountain steppe areas throughout Asia, until these images were taken, presence of the Pallas’ cat in Nepal was never suspected or more »

Ang Maya by her garden

Woman Along the Nepal Conservation Trail

Village of Thamo in Nepal (photo: SLC/NTNC)   Ang Maya Sherpa from Thamo, one of the several settlements in Everest, has never seen a snow leopard, but many times she has chased away Himalayan tahr, local prey of snow leopard, from her vegetable garden. “If the prey is here, the predator must be somewhere nearby,” more »

Picture of village & herder with sheep in front

Pema Tsering, SLC Coordinator in Nepal

Pema Tsering is the Program Coordinator for Snow Leopard Conservancy in Mustang.  Here he gives us a bit of information about what it is like living in Mustang and explains his role with the Conservancy.   Pema’s holiday greeting from Mustang (photo: Pema Tsering)   Here we have no snow yet …but soon we will more »

little boy in leopard costume

Kids Helping Snow Leopards

Snow leopard notecards by 11-year-old Kyle Trefny  (photo: Kyle Trefny) Aren’t these notecards beautiful?  And what makes them even more beautiful is that they were created by 11-year-old Kyle Trefny in San Francisco to raise money for snow leopard conservation.  Kyle attended a Snow Leopard Conservancy event with his father a few years ago and more »


Why Are These Cubs So Special?

  These frolicking snow leopards are proof that the cats are breeding in an area that as recently as 2010 was thought to have lost its snow leopards to poachers. Further, they were captured on camera by the Argut Valley’s newest snow leopard guardian—a former poacher turned community wildlife monitor.     In 2010, Rodney more »

Jan in Mongolia

Making Strides in Genetics

   Jan (center) in field with G. Naranbaatar (l) and B.Munkhtsog (r)   Dr. Jan Janečka, currently at Texas A&M University, but soon moving to Duquesne University, is the Conservancy’s partner in genetic studies on snow leopards. Jan reports that his paper, co-authored with Rodney Jackson, Bariushaa Munkhtsog, and William J. Murphy, is in press more »

cub on tent

Snow Leopard Cub in Mongolia

  On November 19 a young snow leopard cub made his way to the roof of a ger (Mongolian nomadic tent) for a bite to eat and a nap, thus surprising herder D. Ganbat and his family inside.  The family had placed a bag of meat on the roof and the hungry cub decided it more »