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Little girl standing in front of goats

Electronic Deterrents in Mongolia

This Baga Bogd trip blog was written by our Mongolian partner on snow leopard conservation, Bariushaa Munkhtsog.  Munkhtsog is a senior wildlife biologist at the Institute of Biology–Mongolian Academy of Sciences and President of Irbis Mongolian Center.   During the socialist times, until the late 1980s, Mongolia had some 27 million livestock, with more than more »

Rodney with sedated snow leopard lying over his lap

International Snow Leopard Day

Rodney Jackson in 1981 with first-ever radio-collared snow leopard   The following is a message from Dr. Rodney Jackson, founder and director of Snow Leopard Conservancy, on the first International Snow Leopard Day.   In 1981, I had the incredible privilege of sinking my fingers deep into the fur of a wild snow leopard.  Sedated, more »

Janet in Mongolian dress next to a camel

Bactrian Camels of Mongolia

  Janet Williams at camel festival in Mongolia (photo J.Williams)   Snow Leopard Conservancy donor Janet Williams made her second trip to Mongolia, in February, 2014. As you can see, Janet doesn’t look her age, nor was she daunted by “Bold,” the intrepid Land Cruiser in which she would spend much of two weeks covering more »

Several African girls wearing pink traditional costumes performing a dance

Conservation Education Makes Lion Hearted Kids!

  During the recent  Global Big Cat Alliance gathering in South Africa, we had the honor of visiting the Powerline Primary School, one of nine centers participating in the Global White Lion Protection Trust education program.  We were hosted by the school’s founder, Princess Kabello Chiloane, from the Sepedi branch of the local Moletele Tribe, and more »

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“The Leopard in the Land”

We proudly present a one-time screening of “The Leopard in the Land,” on Saturday, October 4. This film by James McEachen documents Disney Executive Designer Joe Rohde’s expedition to remote Mongolia to create paintings for snow leopard conservation. After the film there will be a reception and exhibition of Joe’s work. Joe, Jim, Conservancy staff, and Keesa more »

Ink drawing of horse, dog, snow leopard, eagle and Mongolian warrior

The Spirit of Sher: Big Cats in Kyrgyzstan

    Mayramkul Asanaliev is a leading Kyrgyz artist and scholar of traditional hunting. You may remember Mayramkul as a participant in the workshop of Indigenous Cultural Practitioners facilitated by the Conservancy in 2013. At the recent Global Big Cat Alliance gathering in Timbavati, South Africa, Mayramkul presented his recent paintings, drawn from the ancient more »

Sticks scraped by snow leoard

Studying Mongolia’s “Ghost Cat”

  (Guest blogger, Katey Duffey, is a Miami University/Project Dragonfly Zoology Master’s student with a research focus on mitigating human/carnivore conflicts while fostering coexistence.  Katey has just returned from Mongolia where she conducted a 3-week study to survey herder attitudes toward snow leopard conflicts and livestock losses.  Images are courtesy of Katey Duffey. )   more »

scouts sitting on hill observing wildlife

Summer Camp

Hiking in the hills, telling stories around a campfire, sleeping in tents, taking pictures of wildlife, identifying snow leopard poop…  Wait a minute, snow leopard poop?  This summer camp obviously isn’t happening in the United States! Our Snow Leopard Scouts Program in Nepal recently initiated eleven new Scouts in the Annapurna area of Lower Mustang.  more »

Four men standing near Foxlight with mountains in background

Herders’ Hearts Lightened in Remote Manang

(Because physically predator-proofing livestock corrals with traditional fencing materials can be cost prohibitive in most areas of the snow leopard range, Snow Leopard Conservancy is beginning trials with electronic deterrent devices as a more efficient alternative.  Trials are currently underway using Predator Guard [press release-],  and Foxlights in Nepal, Mongolia, and India.  The following more »